About Us

About Us

Our Vision with community at our core is to connect, collaborate and rebuild a ‘whole’ new world. Heart centred and awakened.

Our Mission is not only to grant everybody access to conscious wellness, but to eradicate poverty with our business ‘unusual’ approach.

Our mission is to show the current business world a blueprint to community building and heart centred collaboration.

Zoe Meyer

Founder & CEO

Zoe Meyer is our Founder, CEO, Master Visionary and “Dream Weaver”. She fully embodies a business unusual leadership role and has been a business disruptor for several years within several organisations, some of which include Breadline, Oxfam, FourPaws, Doctors Without Borders, Green Peace, SA Fashion Week, and Vodacom, to mention a few.

Zoe continues to groom and guide each individual who joins Our Grounds to own their services within a business as a business itself and has taught 100s of individuals to step into their own power and reach for their fullest potential in business.

She holds a strong vision of collected perspectives to what the new world should look like as the master weaver of light frequency.

Dr Melody Fourie

Co-Founder & Guardian of OG Wellness

Mel Fourie is an IT Executive turned AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

Mel joined the International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health Science, a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Botanical Medicine. She later continued her studies to incorporate a Master of
Natural Medicine, a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine, and now continues her research venture towards a PhD in Natural Medicine.

Founder of Nourished Well-Being, she remains in private practice TEACHING Living-Foods Functional Nutrition to people around the globe and remains dedicated to various specialities, some of which included:
Transformational Nutrition Coaching, Holistic Cancer Speciality, Gut Health Speciality, Neuroscience and NLP, Quantum Medicine and more..

Mel is the Our Grounds ‘Guardian’, a Motivational Speaker, and an Educator, guiding the Our Grounds team, our clients and our Wellpreneurs with grace and her collective wisdom within a multitude of disciplines of the Medicine Arts..

Andre Slabbert


Our Alchemist and Craft Medicine Maker.

Andre Slabbert is a Naturologist & Herbalist practicing Iridology & Sclerology, and is the founder of Natural Healing Knysna a family practice in Knysna serving individuals from near and far. Andre is well known for his passion of the healing arts, guiding individuals back to wellness holistically and as naturally as possible.

Vida Heal and Semosis™ is manufactured by Natural Healing and offers a diversity of botanical and natural products for the treatment and support of various chronic illnesses and disorders. Vida Heal embodies the ethos of brining natural and affordable medicine to everyone seeking a more natural and sustainable way to heal the self.

Dreamers, Visionaries & Healers of Our Grounds