Mindful movement

Mindful movement

Mindful movement sessions

Welcome to the Mindful Movement Sessions with Bea Hurter, a Pilates instructor and founder of The Healthy Hormone Club. These Pilates-based classes vary from 10 to 30 minutes and are great for beginners. If you are used to advanced Pilates classes, you can repeat each class twice.  The main aim is for you to enjoy moving your body while you reap the benefits of increasing your strength and flexibility over  this 8-week wellness journey.  Disclaimer: Always consult with your health practitioner before starting any exercise routine.

You will need the following:

  • Pilates mat
  • Glass or stainless steel water bottle
  • Small exercise towel
  • Additional:  One set of small hand weights (1 or 2 kilograms) OR 1 liter water bottle filled with water
  • Small Pilates ball OR small hand towel can be used

Week 1: Introduction to the Mindful Movement Series

Week 1: Lateral breathing

Week 1: Introduction class

Week 2: Pilates core (10 minutes)

Week 3: Full body (13 minutes )

Week 4: Full body (9 minutes)​

Week 5: Full body (17 minutes)

Week 6: Pilates core (9 minutes)

Week 7: Full body Pilates class (12 minutes)

Week 8: Core focused class (9 minutes)

Week 9: Last class in the series