Moon Cycle 2 Month course

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New course launches first of every month.
This course follows our proven 4-step roadmap to stay InSync with your cycle by simplifying hormonal health for all women.


You will learn:

  • Cycle awareness to prevent burn-out and PMS while optimizing your productivity at work.
  • How to eat wholefoods that will keep your digestion happy, reduce inflammation, reduce period symptoms and even help you lose the extra few kg’s if they are holding you back.
  • How your body talks to you through symptoms and receive all the tools to put these symptoms into remission.
  • To exercise according to your cycle to prevent adrenal fatigue and feel like your best self (This is part of the InSync Membership).

What makes us different is that we always take your menstrual cycle into consideration when looking at nutrition, work-life and your exercise routine. This is truly REVOLUTIONARY.

If you don’t have a menstrual cycle; you’re in your wisdom (menopausal) years; had a hysterectomy or are on birth control you will be guided on how you can track the lunar cycles instead. This will keep you deeply connected to your intuitive energy while you will still receive all the benefits of the course.